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Innovative Design Applications Using Advanced Fire Rated Glazing Technology
This course is 1 AIA LU/HSW                      |                   Course Level is Intermediate
About this Course 

Architects have always pushed the limits of what building products can do, and fire rated glazing is no exception. This program shows you how fire rated glazing has evolved from small door lites and openings using wired glass and ceramics to floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, multi-tasking fire resistive glazing systems. Case studies showing these innovative design applications in real-word settings will be used to show participants how architects continue to push the boundaries of what fire rated glass can do.

Learning Objectives 

1. Review the history of fire rated glass from foreign-made wire glass and ceramics to clear, high performance, USA-made solutions;

2. Understand the difference between fire protective and fire resistive glazing and how the IBC distinguishes between these two applications;

3. Examine how the architectural community's demand for large sizes, increased optical clarity and thermal performance have shaped fire rated glazing product development. Case studies will be highlighted;

4. Discover the importance of multi-functional fire resistive glazing products providing additional performance features such as hurricane, blast, ballistic, forced entry and more. Case studies will be highlighted.

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